Conductor Michael Woods


16 May 2022

Symphonic Led Zeppelin, Melbourne Ballet Orchestra 

A great concert, orchestral excitement and colour, Jazz Coleman's wonderful writing and arrangements. 60 great orchestra players - having Fun!

Review "Jaz" Coleman's Symphonic Led Zeppelin, Melbourne

I had to be convinced to attend this concert ..... there seem to be so many symphonic rock "orchestrated" programs these days - usually with a "covers" rock band out front - backed up by a group of strings and a few brass. This concert was not what I expected - no guitars or amplification - but really creative, beautiful writing for a full 60-piece symphony orchestra.... definitely worth going to.

I hadn't actually heard of "Jaz" Coleman - but having now looked into his background, it's not surprising that this music and this writing - in some ways, actually enhances the original iconic Led Zeppelin compositions. The program included Kashmir, Stairway to Heaven, Going to California and other favourites.The players were obviously engaged - strongly directed by the Australian conductor, Michael Woods, who I note has previously performed much of this work in Europe. 

I have now decided to go in search of more of "Jaz" Coleman's work. From the program notes, I  see that he has received commissions, not only from the London Philharmonic, but also from the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. JT.