Conductor Michael Woods


14 August 2020

Opera preparation in the Covid lockdown

Looking ahead to great productions and collaborations.

So far, it's been a disappointing on again/off again year. Initial preparations and booked seasons were cancelled because of lockdown - and the real limitations regarding the gathering of people in even the smallest groups.

For instance, at Millennium Opera, we should have by now performed La Scala di Seta and Tosca - before moving on to La Boheme and Barber of Seville. It will all come back - preparations were going well in mid March - it would be expected that all that could be picked up again as soon as it becomes feasible.

Of course, all performers are usually engaged in other activities - here and abroad. Those things will have to wait - but personally I am keeping myself aware of developments in London and Europe - and especially the musical activities that are still taking place in some of my favourite countries - eg in Romania. We all hope that all stay safe and happy. Maybe sometime next year, we can all be together again. MW

The Chamber Orchestra at St Paul's

Melbourne Ballet Orchestra

Millennium Opera